the first son of Finwë and Míriel Therindë. Half brother to Findis, Ñolofinwë, Írimë and Arafinwë. Husband to Nerdanel and father of seven sons, crafter of the Silmarilli, High Prince and later High King of the Ñoldor. Spirit of Fire, greatest of the Eldar, the Dispossessed and kinslayer. ♦ ♦ ♦ || Independent roleplay blog for Fëanor Finwion, Tolkien character from the Silmarillion. Open to crossovers and OCs but semi-selective, please read info first. ACTIVITY PSA
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Fuck, Take a bullet an arrow for, Murder

          A slight frown curved Fëanáro’s eyebrows. « To think that
          I would ever bed or kill my own firstborn miffs me. It is out
          of discussion. Clarified that I would take the arrow for Nelyafinwë,
          I am left with… quite the unlikely options. I could debate over
          this for a while, but given the improbability of the choice itself,
          I shall make it quick. I would lie with Findaráto and kill Findekáno,
          but I shall clarify that they are almost interchangeable. »

"he was born of salt and sweat,
muscles burning and teeth bared;
a stain that would never come out.

he was made to rip empires apart
and the heavens were envious
because he burned so brightly.

so when they claimed him in kind
and took what was rightfully theirs
no one was surprised
especially not you.

he died in a world of ash and fear,
blood and a foul taste on his tongue;
completely and utterly alone."

– you still can’t name a hero who was happy // m.c. (via remuslupinly)

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Activity Notice

|| So, it’s time for an announcement. I am restarting university courses after quite a long pause and one week in the amount of work I am required to do is already incredibly high. I am expected to read and be able to comment extensively a high number of books and essays, to study two national literatures in-depth and to learn German in three months, going to absolutely no knowledge of the language to a level in which I should be able to hold an academical conversation with a professor. I’ll be in a classroom for the bigger part of the day and in the evening I suppose I’ll have to go on studying on my own. So…

As you can understand, activity will be toned down a little bit (not that I’ve ever been a compulsive poster, but I still lurked most of the time.) …I’ll also have to fix my sleep schedule and actually sleep hahahahaha. Wish me luck. So yeah, this is the announcement: I’ll be here but less than before. Thanks for the comprehension.

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That had been very bad wording on her part.

                     “No no- it was meant as a suggestion my lord.”

He was angry already and they called Caranthir the one quick to anger?

        “I know that what I want doesn’t matter. But your phsyique would
        look very fair in the armor. That is all.”

Even though she deemed his reaction a little over the top, she bowed her head in apology. She hadn’t meant to come off insolent but he must have taken it that way.

          Ah, Tauriel, he is not angry. He did not even change the tone 
          of his voice. Certainly, he is stern, if not stiff, but if this is what
          seems “angered” to you, then you might not want to find yourself 
          in his presence when he truly is.

     « It sounded more alike a desire spoken aloud », Fëanáro commented, crossing his arms but relaxing his forehead as she bowed slightly. « An aesthetic desire. It may be as you say, but in the case I decide to wear it, it will be mostly a matter of interest. I favour metal and leather as an armour is not something I ever wore. »

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Fuck, Take a bullet an arrow for, Murder


          « —It seems I have a wide range of options. But very well,
          I shall indulge you for the sake of the game. I will, then, bed
          the Prince of Mirkwood, then proceed to take an arrow for
          him and eventually dispatch him. I am indeed unsure which
          one is the less likely to happen. »

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carnefindesse said: "I want to see you in the leather armor my kin wears."

          Fëanáro raised a brow, staring at the Silvan intently. 
          « Firstly, you shall remember whom you are addressing,
          Captain. You are not in a position in which you can freely
          approach me and make suggestions about my wardrobe.
          Secondly, what you want hardly matters, whether I would
          be willing to try that kind of armour on or not. And now tell
          me— what is the reason for such a wish? »

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          « Whichever shape you may take, Thauron, after all you
          remain always the same. Not that I ever had any doubt. »

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Fuck, Take a bullet an arrow for, Murder

          « I would sooner turn to ashes than make this choice. The
          request itself makes little sence, since my choice would be
          forced by the rules of the game and would not be a true choice.
          The only detail I want to remark is that Moringotho would be
          the one I would choose to kill, regardless of the subsequent
          implication that I should lie with either Thauron or the Valarauko,
          and take an arrow for the other. Both of the options are
          repellent. »

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Fuck, Take a bullet an arrow for, Murder

          « My mother already died, stranger, and not without my
          contribution. That deed is already done. And of course I
          would gladly take an arrow for my father, I would be offended
          by the idea that I would even think otherwise. The only
          remaining option is that I should bed Indis, which is quite
          the distasteful perspective, and rather insulting for more
          than one person — but at least we are not related. My parents
          are not even an option in this instance. »

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“I am no craftsman, but many a blade has been held by these hands to know you carry a very fine weapon with you. Is it of Gondolin make?”

          Raising his brows, he glanced down at the sword he
          balanced on his shoulder, then back at the Apanóna.
          « It is not of Ondolindë. I wonder why the thought even
          passed through your mind. » Fëanáro narrowed his eyes;
          he should not have expected a Secondborn to pay attention
          to such relevant details, yet he could not avoid a certain
          bafflement — was his nephew’s city so renowned to be named
          before anyone else, even when its contrubution were not
          that remarkable? « —No, I forged it myself. »

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